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Bozana AnicicMy name is Bozana (Borja or just Bo), creator and founder of Cleopatra’s Beauty Line. For years, I struggled to find skincare products that worked for me. I searched tirelessly for that elusive combination of products that were not only effective but also ethical in production and safe for my long term health. One day, I stumbled upon the stories of ancient Egyptian skin care practices, like that of Queen Cleopatra, and my path was forever changed. I discovered a magical ancient ingredient that is key to the healthy, radiant skin you have always sought after: Donkey Milk.

Yes, you read that correctly! It is widely known that Cleopatra was regarded for her great beauty, and in order to preserve her youthful appearance, historical records show that she would take a daily bath in pure donkey’s milk. According to the ancient manuscripts, Egyptians noticed that the milk would effectively revitalize the skin, rendering it more delicate, and helping to smooth lines and wrinkles. In fact, many women during that time would wash their faces with donkey’s milk, and even use it for cooking, to promote health and vitality. Though this custom might seem strange at first, we now know that the ancient Egyptians were on to something; donkey milk is rich in skin-loving nutrients, vitamins, and fatty acids.

After thoroughly studying these ancient manuscripts, I knew I had found something special. I also knew that, in order for this unique ingredient to be accepted in today’s market, it needed to be substantiated by modern scientific studies. Thus, I began my journey of research and discovery on what this magical milk can do.

For over seven years now, I have been researching, creating, and testing my handmade donkey milk products. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science, and many years of experience working in labs in some of Cleveland’s largest hospitals. I have seen the effects that dangerous products can have on the skin – from simple blemishes to aggressive skin cancer. I know that truly safe and effective products cannot be made overnight, but the time and energy is worth it because the right skincare routine can have a tremendously positive effect on the mind, the body, and the soul.
My own research, as well as that from others, has shown that donkey milk can be extremely beneficial to our health. The plethora of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids that it contains promote vitality, treat and cure skin conditions, and even provide immunological aid.

The donkey is an often misunderstood creature. The most common association people have with donkeys is that they are working animals with limited intelligence who tend to be the butt of a joke. This could not be further from the truth! Donkeys are beautiful, intelligent creatures who, indeed, make excellent work animals but also affectionate pets. I had the pleasure of meeting these donkeys on a farm in Istra, Croatia. My family and I wandered the vast farm on a beautiful summers day, while the donkeys followed us in a line, unphased by the strangers walking their land. They were kind, gentle, and loved a good scratch on the ears from my two young sons.

Donkey milk is a temperamental substance. It does not react well to heat when in a liquid form, it loses all beneficial vitamins and minerals when heated even slightly. This posed a problem when I started to design my products. After a lot of trial and error, I discovered the “cold process” for incorporating the milk into soap. The milk is dried and then pressed into a fine powder, which allows me to mix the ingredients at a temperature that does not compromise the composition of the milk, thus passing all of the goodness on to you and your skin.
Cleopatra’s Beauty has since evolved from simple bars of soap into a comprehensive skincare line, with products to suit all of your needs – from soaps and body lotions to acne treatment and face creams. With donkey milk as the primary ingredient, these products are sure to help you achieve the skin of your dreams!

I want to thank you for having an open mind, and joining me on this journey of discovery of the power of donkey milk. My research and curiosity will never cease, and I will continue to study scientific data on ingredients that complement donkey milk to cleanse and beautify your skin. It is time now for you to treat yourself and indulge in the beauty of nature!

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